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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What does your company do?
A: We design and install cabinets and countertops for remodelers, builders, and custom homes.

Q: Are you licensed?

A: West Coast Cabinets is licensed, bonded and insured contractor with the Nevada State Contractors Board. License #68655 and 76624

Q: What is your bid limit?
A: $250,000 and $10,000 respectively

Q: Is there a charge for an estimate?
A: No, there is no charge- it is free.

Q: What will the estimate encompass?
A: You will be given a written proposal and any other advice that our 20 year of experience could offer including: appliance selection, movement or alteration of walls, placement of electrical outlets, field measure to head off potential problems before installation.

Q: How long will a remodel take from the time the cabinets arrive?
A: It would depend on the size of the project but normally it take 1 day to take out the old cabinets. 1 day to install the cabinets. 1 day to install the countertops, 1 day to install sink, dishwasher, range, refrigerator, etc. Sometimes it is shorter than that but alot of time it is a little longer than 4 days. Again, we will figure it out at the estimate stage.

Q: How do your prices compare to Home Depot or Lowes?
A: Since our overhead is a great deal lower than the "big box" retailers we beat their prices on a consistant basis.

Q: Do you do work on custom homes?
A: Absolutely, we can either get you an estimate off of a set of blueprints or we can meet you at the jobsite and measure (normally at framing) and you can tell us what you want.
Q: Do you do refacing or refinishing of existing cabinetry?
A: No, we don't because the cost is, most of the time, higher than replacement. The labor cost and the headaches of trying to match stains is not worth it to our business model. The only time it makes sense is when you already have countertops that you would like to keep installed ie granite then it is cost effective for you to reface or refinish. Another downside to reface or refinish is that you are still stuck with the old design of your kitchen and if you opt for replacement then you can redesign

Q: How many granite colors do you stock?
A: We stock about 25 color samples at the store and can get the other 27 colors within a week. We, of course, have samples of all the colors.

Q: Is "pre-fabricated granite"... real granite?
A: Absolutely, it comes right out of the ground.
The "pre-fabricated" phrase refers to the bullnose or the edge, which can "pre-fabricated" in the country of origin or in the states. Our granite's bullnose is attached and polished, or pre-fabricated, in the country of origin.

Q: What is an undermount sink?
A: An undermount sink is a sink which goes under the granite and exposed edge of the granite is polished. There is an additional charge for the labor of the more precise cutting and the polishing of the granite. The other kind of common kitchen sink is a top mount which is laid on the top of the granite countertop. These are the two most common and most of the time they are stainless steel but come in other colors also.

Q: What are my options for a backsplash with my granite countertops?
A: There are 3 basic options for a backsplash. First is the 4" or 6" backsplash which comes in 8' lengths and is the most cost effective. Second is the full slab granite backsplash which would extend from the top of the top to the bottom of the cabinet. Third is the tile backsplash which is also a full backsplash and extends from the top of the top to the bottom of the cabinet. When you decide to do a tile backsplash you have an endless possibilities of design. You can use granite 12x12 tiles, travertine 4x4 tiles, cultured stone, brick, etc, etc. 

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